Introductions (Perkenalan)

Bila kita akan memperkenalkan teman kepada seorang, kita dapat mengatakan:

I’d like you to meet a friend of mine.

Andrew, I’d like you to meet Budi.

Andrew, this is Budi.


Contoh 1:

Pria diperkenalkan kepada wanita.

Kita dapat bertanya: “Leza, sudah kenal Fabyan?”

Jawabannya: “Saya kira belum. Halo,Fabyan!”

Jawabannya: “Senang bertemu dengan anda, Fabyan.”


A man is introduced to a woman.

You might ask: “Leza, have you met Fabyan?”

The answer might be: “I gues not. Hi, Fabyan!”

Fabyan answer: “ pleased to meet you, Leza.”


Contoh 2:

Pria memperkenalkan diri kepada seseorang, kita dapat mengatakan: “Halo! Anda baru ya disini? Perkenalkan, saya Rizal.”

Jawabannya: “Senang bertemu anda, Rizal. Nama saya Leza.”


A man introduces himself to a woman. He might say: “Helo, have we met before? I’m Rizal.”

The answer might be: “Nice meeting you, Rizal. I’m Leza.”


Contoh 3:

Disuatu pesta atau pertemuan, kita dapat memperkenalkan teman-teman kita sebagai berikut: “perkenalkan ini teman-teman saya, Paul,John, Krisna dan Anton.”

Atau kita dapat mengatakan: “perkenalkan, ini teman saya, Budi!”

Budi menjawab: “Halo, teman-teman!”


At a party, you would introduce your friends as follows: “Please meet m friend, Paul, John, Krisna and Anton.”

Or you might say: “Everybody, This is my friend, Budi!”

Budi answer: “Hi, everyone!”



An australian student, Paul, introduce a friend of his, Andrew, to another student, Budi, at the universe canteen.


Introducing a friends

Paul           : Hi Budi, I’d like you to meet Andrew.

Budi           : Hello, Andrew.

                      Are you also from Australia?

Andrew     : Yes, we come from the same city.

Budi           : Oh, is that a fact? From what city, if i may know?

Paul           : Sydney.

Budi           : (to Andrew) I think, I’ve met you before.

Andrew     : No kidding

                     Was it last week at the swimming pool?

Budi           : Mmmm

Paul           : Do you know each other?

Budi           : Not exactly, but we’ve met before ta the swimming pool.

Paul           : Hey, isn’t it a small world!”


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