About Wife

The Wife’s Name

Nasreddin Hodja and a friend were discussing their wives, when it occurred to the friend that Nasreddin had never mentioned his wife’s name.

“What is your wife’s name?” he asked.

“I do not know her name,” admitted the Hodja.

“What?” asked the friend in disbelief. “How long have you been married?”

“Twenty years,” answered the Hodja, then added, “At first I did not think that the marriage would last, so I did not take the effort to learn my bride’s name.”

The Older Wife

Nasreddin Hodja had two wives, one much older than the other.

“Which of us do you love the most?” asked the older wife one day.

“I love you both the same,” answered Nasreddin, wisely.

Not satisfied with this answer, the older wife continued, “If the two of us wives fell out of a boat, which one of us would you rescue first?”

“Well,” replied Nasreddin, “you can swim a little, can’t you?”

The Favorite Wife

Nasreddin Hodja’s two wives were constantly asking him which one of them was his favorite.

“I love you both the same,” was always his answer, but they did not accept this answer, and asked him repeatedly, “Which one of us do you love the most?”

Finally he secretly gave each of them a blue bead, privately instructing each woman that she should tell no one of the gift.

After that whenever either of the wives would ask him, “Which one of us is your favorite wife?” he would answer, “I love best the one to whom I gave the blue bead,” and each was satisfied.

The Contrary Mother-in-Law

A neighbor came running to Nasreddin’s house with the news that the Hodja’s mother-in-law had been washing her laundry in the river when she fell into the water and drowned. “And we cannot find her body,” he continued. “We searched everywhere downstream for her, but all to no avail.”

“You should have searched upstream,” replied the Hodja. “My mother-in-law is so contrary that she would never go with the flow.”


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