Latihan Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris kelas XII Semester 5 SMK Semua Program Keahlian

Choose the best answer !

1. Dian : Did you meet Rose at Hendri’s Party last night ?
Angga : I didn’t, but ……………………. yesterday morning.
a. We go there by taxi
b. We will come anyway
c. I’m speaking with her alone
d. I saw her in the shopping mall

2. Candra : Have you decided how you will go to Bali ?
Gani : I haven’t decided yet, may be ………………………..
a. I am going to go by Bus
b. I will fly with my friends
c. I am going with you
d. I won’t ask anyone

3. Arya : I feel worried about the final exam. My English is poor.
Sandy : …………………..
a. If you practice more, you don’t have to worry about it
b. Had you practiced more, you shouldn’t worry much about it
c. If you will practice more, you are not worried much about it
d. You practice more, if you worry much about it

4. Risma : Can I have your permission to have some rest ? I suddenly feel dizzy.
Cintya : …………………..
a. Please don’t go away
b. Sure, I hope you’d be better soon
c. Absolutely, you can not leave
d. Yes, you will be discharged soon

5. Fendi : My calculator’s not working.
Tono : …………………………….. you can buy it at the nearest store.
a. You can do a lot of things
b. You should repair it by yourself
c. Why don’t you change the battery ?
d. How about exchanging it with a new one ?

6. Rika : Hi, Vira, we are going to go to restaurant for lunch. ……………………
Vira : I’m afraid I can’t, I have promised my mom to go home soon today
Rika : Why so early ?
Vira : We are expecting some of our relatives from Surabaya.
a. Do you want me to go there ?
b. Could you bring me some food to eat ?
c. Will you be here to keep the office ?
d. Do you want to come along ?

7. Caller : May I speak to Ms. Debby, please ?
Receptionist : I’m sorry,…………………. Can I take a message ?
a. She is having a meeting
b. Ms Debby was not in
c. He is out of town for several days
d. Our manager was talking on the phone

8. Amalia : I bought this watch here yesterday. But when I got home ,…..
Shopkeeper : May I see the receipt, we’ll change it with the new one.
a. It didn’t work at all
b. I lost my new clock
c. My son broke his watch
d. There is no service centre address

9. You : Dad, that’s ……. position you’ve ever reach. Congratulations!
Your Father : Thank you.
a. Dreadful
b. A fantastic
c. A dissapointed
d. A shameful

10. Betty : I didn’t see you at the office outbound training last Sunday, where were you?
Talitha : Well, If I hadn’t been assigned out of town ………
a. I would miss the program
b. I would have joined the program
c. We wouldn’t have held the program
d. You would tell me about the program

11. Sheila : What do you do in the present company ?
Dinar : ………………..
a. I have sent his insurance policy to a new client
b. I check mail, sort out letters, and print them in the agenda
c. I will have to arrange the anual meeting with the stakeholders
d. I met some clients this morning and get to explain the company policy

12. Anggi : Where is Aldy ? he promised to be here around 4 this afternoon and he was never late before.
Randi : ………………………. he looked pale yesterday and he went home early.
a. He must keep his promise to me
b. He could be out of town with his family
c. He won’t be here, maybe he is ill
d. He’s probably still have trouble with his car

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13. Rudi : Did anybody call an ambulance to the scene of the accident ?
Bono : Yes. But ………………………
a. Nobody were injured so it weren’t needed.
b. Nobody was injured so it wasn’t needed.
c. Nobody injured so it didn’t need.
d. Nobody has injured so it hasn’t needed.

14. Rendi : Hello, Fabian, you look very busy, what can I do for you ?
Fabian : Oh no, thank you very much, I can do it myself
The underlined utterance expresses :
a. Asking for help
b. Expecting for help
c. Offering help
d. Waiting for help

15. Fauzan : I’m thinking about quitting my studies?
Ganjar : Are you serious ? What’s getting on?
Fauzan : I need to help my family’s financial problem …
a. I don’t want to work for a bigger company
b. I’m thinking about getting myself a job
c. I’m thinking about becoming a good student
d. I’m bored my bad scores

16. Fauzan : What would you do if you ….. a milion dollars prize?
Ridwan : I would build houses for poor people. Then I would travel
around the world to visit foreign countries.
a. win
b. won
c. has won
d. had won

17. Dony : There will be a computer exhibition at “JEC” next Monday. …
Peter : I’d love to, but I have to help my brother fix his broken water pump.
Dony : That’s too bad.
a. Could I help you to repair it ?
b. Would you receive the invitation ?
c. Would you like to see it ?
d. Could you tell me where the exhibition is ?

18. Heri : Are you going to finish ………… this business letter tonight ?
Peter : No. I’m going to stop now. I’ll carry on tomorrow.
a. type
b. typed
c. typing
d. to type

19. Fauzan : Do you still remember the place ……… we met for the first time ?
Intan : Sure. We met at the seminar a year ago. I was the keynote speaker
and you ask me a lots of critical questions.
a. when
b. where
c. whose
d. what

20. Employee : …
Manager : If you work harder and you speak and write English well, you’ll have a big chance to go there.
a. Will I improve my English better ?
b. Do you think I should join the English course ?
c. Will it be possible for me to have a training abroad ?
d. Do you think I can join the football club ?

Question 21 – 25 refer to the following fax.

Fax Transmission  Fax Transmission                  Fax Transmission


InterGulf Export

P.O.Box 23145 Sharjah, UAE


To            : F. Omobariowo

Head of Marketing

P.O. Box 19133

Nairobi, Kenya

Fm          : Ravi Niazi

Trade Consultant


Date        : 18 February 2016

Sub         : Your marketing question of 17 February 2016


We were very pleased to receive your fax of October 17, we have sent under separate cover information regarding our company and its service. This should arrive in your offices tomorrow.

In the meantime, the following will answer your immedate question :

The company sells products through a worldwide marketing network. This network operates 36 sales offices in 21 countries. Approximately 75 % of company sales are direct, and 25 % are through other channels. Purchased products are shipped to custumers through company distribution centers, by the method of shipment preferred by the customer when possible.

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If you need any more information, please contact me.

21. What did the fax respond to ?
a. A newspaper ad
b. A personal visit
c. A telephone inquiry
d. A faxed question

22. How does the company sell its products ?
a. In stores
b. By phone
c. From the office
d. Through a network

23. What percentage of sales are not direct ?
a. 25%
b. 50%
c. 75%
d. 100%

24. Who is responsible for shipping purchased goods?
a. The customer
b. The airlines
c. Company distribution centers
d. Company headquarters

25. What was probably Omoboriwo’s question ?
a. How large is your company?
b. How are your goods distributed?
c. When was your company founded
d. What is your marketing plan for next year ?

Question 26 and 27 refer to the following advertisement.


  • Are you fluent in Mandarin?
  • Do you have experience in Banqueting and Conference trade ?
  • Are you prepared to be based in Edotel Kenari Hotel Yogyakarta ?

Please send your CV. Enclosing career details fo :

R.J.Rochamina, Manager

Edotel Kenari Hotel Yogyakarta

Mandala Krida IV / 221

Telp. 0274 – 512251


26. What is not included on the job requiement ?
a. Ability to speak Mandarin
b. Certificate of the English test
c. Experience in Banqueting and conference trade
d. Curriculum vitae and career details.

27. Are you prepared to be based in edotel Hotel Yogyakarta ?
The similar meaning with the word prepared on the sentence above is …
a. Pleased
b. Unprepared
c. Agreed
d. Ready

This text is for questions number 28 to 30.

Dandy was the fifth in a family of eight children. When he was 17. He was dropped out of his second year of senior high. One day, he poured out his desire in a letter to his uncle in Jakarta. His uncle promised that he will help him if he is really serious about moving to Jakarta.

Acil, his uncle’s son, has a freight forwarding business in Jakarta. He gave dandy a job in his company. He is a hard worker and an eager apprentice.

When dandy was 22, he realized that he had to start from scratch. After being employed for seven years, he had learned the ropes of business. He was in touch with leading producers.

From books, he learned about professional management skills, and he had a natural way of getting along with co-workers. With the blessing of his uncle and his cousin, Dandy launched his own business.

28. What is the main idea of paragraph 4 ?
a. Dandi had a natural skill as an entrepreneur
b. Dandy joined the training of management
c. Dandy and his family started a publishing company
d. Dandy succeeded on his own business

29. Dandy went to Jakarta because he wanted to …
a. learn some books
b. visit his uncles
c. work at his cousin’s company
d. continue his study

30. “Acil, his uncle’s son, has a …”(paragrph 2)
The underlined word refers to …
a. Uncle
b. Dandy
c. Family
d. Children

This text is for questions number 31 to 34.

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If you dine out often, there are things that you can do to make the experience even better. Let the waiter know your expetations for the evening. If you want to linger over your meal, or if you are in a hurry, the waiter can adjust the service to suit your needs. If you have special dietary restriction. Let the restaurant know. Most restaurants are happy to leave salt out of dish, or  steam your fish instead of fry it if you just ask. If there is a problem with the service, speak to the waiter before talking to the manager, the waiter may be able to correct the problem immediatly. Above all, be polite.

31. What should diners do if they are in a hurry when eating out ?
a. Tell the waiter
b. Order something simple
c. Eat quickly
d. Pay cash

32. What can the restaurant do if customers do not use salt ?
a. Serve the raw vegetable
b. Get food from a hospital
c. Allow them to eat food from home
d. Leave the salt out of the recipe

33. What should dinners do if there is a problem ?
a. Go to another restaurant
b. Talk to the manager
c. Discuss it with the waiter
d. Stay angry all evening

34. What rule diners always follow ?
a. Be funny
b. Be polite
c. Be punctual
d. Be hungry

This table is for questions number 35 to 37.
John and his uncle three friends decide to join the army. When they went to the army office, The army doctor began checking their height and weight. John was a bit embarrassed because he was thin and weight only 65 kg. Andi was also embarrassed because he was the shortest. After the doctor’s check-up, the boys began training. Name Height Weight
John 178 cm 65 kg
Andi 175 cm 67 kg
Scot 181 cm 79 kg
Bill 179 cm 77 kg

35. Who Checked their height ?
a. John
b. Andi
c. The doctor
d. Bill

36. Who was embarrassed ?
a. John and Scott
b. Bill and Scott
c. Andy and the doctor
d. Andy and john

37. Why did john and his friend go for check-up?
a. Because john was sick
b. Because they were sick
c. Because they wanted to join the army
d. Because John is a doctor

Question 38 – 40 refer to the following text.

A factory is a very big building where things are produced, In factory, machines are used. Therefore, many things can be done more rapidly. In every industrial town, we alwasys find factories.

Factories give job for many people. Those who work in factories will get money for their wages. Nowadays almost everything we wear and use has been produced in a factory. Of course, some things are still made by hand. Factory-made products are usually cheaper than handmade

38. What is the text about ?
a. People in factory
b. Handmade products
c. Machines in factory
d. The factories

39. What does a factory give to the people?
a. Modern products
b. Working opportunities
c. Cheaper machines
d. Handmade things

40. “Those” who work in factories will get money for their wages.”
The underlined word refers to …
a. Wages
b. Things
c. People
d. Factories

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